Mobile Jail Notary Services and Jail Weddings

It is an unfortunate fact of life that humans are fallible creatures. At some point or another, we will all make mistakes. Some mistakes are greater than others and as a result come with greater consequences. If you have a friend or loved one who has made a mistake that is punishable by law, they may find themselves incarcerated.

The sudden uprooting and detaining of a family member can create family tension that is no fault of your own. Oftentimes these situations occur with little or no warning; therefore, preparations to handle the aftermath have not been made. What is one to do if their husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, brother/sister or father/mother end up incarcerated? How will they pay the bills, access the bank account, get the car out of impound, feed the kids, and pay the mortgage?

We are acutely aware that these situations are very difficult and look to minimize the effect on your family during this time of distress. We at The OC Notary offer services that allow you to regain control of your financial status while your loved one is incarcerated. If you require a power of attorney or an authorization to release a vehicle, we can assist you with these requests.

We have undergone rigorous background screening and maintain security clearance in all the jail facilities within Orange County, which has allowed us to become an Authorized Jail Notary. With our 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access to all inmates in the Orange County Sheriff facilities, we are able to assist you without any delay whenever you need your important documents notarized.

It is of the utmost importance that you rely on a credible notary service with security clearance so that you don’t end up getting your job performed incorrectly or not at all. Less experienced notary services are unaware of the requirement of security clearance to access inmates within the Sheriff’s department or city jail. This oftentimes results in a loss of time and money for you. Do your research and go with an approved jail notary like The OC Notary, the authority in jail notary signings and services.

Not only do we provide notary services within the Theo Lacy, James A. Musick, and Men’s Central Jail facility, we also offer the ability to perform jail weddings at these locations. If your loved one is looking at an extended stay within the correctional facilities, it may be beneficial to the family if you are married to the inmate.

The institution of marriage affords certain benefits to those who are incarcerated. For example, if you have children, visitation rights would be granted. Oftentimes, if the judge in a trial case sees that family is involved, they may decide to incarcerate the inmate closer to home to minimize the impact the separation will have on the family connection. In some institutions, conjugal visits are afforded to the spouses of those in prison.

Staying close to home is very important, but what do you do if your loved one was not originally from the United States and finds themselves incarcerated? In this day and age, the issue of immigration and deportation is on the forefront of the American mind. If your loved one was not born in this country, they could be forced to return to their country of birth upon their trial date. This prospect could be devastating for a young family, as the mother and children left behind would have to fend for themselves.

If you or someone you know is in a similar situation, the answer may be a jail wedding. Jail weddings are by no stretch of the imagination fancy or ideal. However, as a practical solution to an unforeseen event, they can be quite effective. The steps to a jail wedding are as follows:

  1. Schedule your appointment online or over the phone with The OC Notary at 714-253-7618 or visit us at
  2. We will require the name, date of birth, and booking number of the inmate in question as well as your contact information.
  3. The initial deposit of 50% of the total service fee is required up front prior to visitation.
  4. One of our security clearance notaries will meet with the inmate and perform a notarization on an Inability to Appear form.
  5. Once we have the notarized document, we will need a valid form of identification for both parties getting married as well as proof of incarceration (e.g  a receipt from putting money on the inmate’s books)
  6. You will accompany our representative who will be solemnizing your wedding to the Orange County Courthouse where you will apply for a marriage license.
  7. At this time, the remaining balance for the service is payable in full.
  8. After we have obtained the marriage license, you will return to the facility and take your vows, at which time you will be legally married.
  9. Our representative will return the documentation to the county at the earliest possible convenience.
  10. After 14 business days, you may apply for your marriage certificate as evidence of your commitment to one another.

It should be stated that The OC Notary does not advocate the jail wedding process. We are not offering legal advice as we are not attorneys at law. It is always recommended that you seek legal counsel prior to making any decisions that may affect your family in regards to criminal proceedings. We are simply outlining services that we provide in the event that you may need them.

No one plans for or expects these types of events to happen to them. There are always circumstances that will arise and impact our lives, but it is how we approach them that defines us. Take this opportunity to reflect on what mistakes were made and how you can learn from them and move forward with your life. With that in mind, it is important to make the right decisions moving ahead. If any of these services may assist you in getting your life back on track, then the right decision is to contact The OC Notary to schedule your appointment. Let our team of highly trained traveling notaries assist you with your jail notary or jail wedding.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our representatives at 714-253-7618 or visit us at www We are a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week service, so we are always here to help.


  1. Great article. Im a Notary in FL, looking to expand my network for jail signings and weddings.

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