Marinda Zha

Marinda Zha Notary Public

Marinda Zha was born, raised and educated in China up until obtaining her undergraduate degree. After a year of work experience in sales with a government related IT company, she flew to United State to pursue her master degree. In 2013, she graduated from Chapman University in major of Environmental Science. However, this did not stop her from chasing her dream of becoming a filmmaker. From 2013 to 2017, she has dedicated herself to working on various types of projects. From films, TV series, commercials, reality shows she refined her craft as a line producer and assistant director. She started to fill up her break time between projects by becoming a notary in 2017. As a bilingual notary, she provides customers more convince and professional services for native Chinese speakers. She will also be able to translate all types of documents in simplified and traditional Chinese. As an entrepreneur Ms. Zha has interest in other companies that focus on the beauty and film industry. Please feel free to inquire about her work and services at “Bare Face Beauty Studio”.

NOTE: A Notary Public is not an attorney, and cannot give legal advice.
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