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We will provide Wedding Officiant services for weddings when the bride or groom is incarcerated.  We understand that there are many different reasons for a couple to get married while one is in prison (insurance reasons, to legitimatize the children, money reasons, conjugal visits, true love, wishing to keep the prisoner incarcerated locally, etc.). We will officiate your wedding in jail from as low as $350 -$450 depending on particulars.  The Jail wedding experience can easily take 6 or more hours of our time, between waiting in line at the County Recorder to take an oath, and waiting through the visiting lines at the jail and performing the ceremony. Here's what you need to do in ORANGE COUNTY to get married to an inmate Go to this link for more information about marriage licenses IN GENERAL, however, these guidelines provided DO NOT APPLY to jail weddings.

Wedding Instructions

Read these requirements carefully, and follow them exactly!

The OC Notary will provide an "Inability to Appear" form that we have received directly from the Orange County Clerk-Recorder Department.   Take along something proves that your fiancé is incarcerated (a receipt from putting money on the inmates books is sufficient).

The "Inability to Appear" form must be signed by the prisoner in front of  The OC Notary.  Because we maintain security clearance we may visit the prisoner at any time - not just during visiting hours.  This insures that we provide the fastest service possible for your pending nuptials.

The applicant (Bride or Groom) must appear at the County Clerk-Recorder Department (in the Old Courthouse in Santa Ana, on the corner of Broadway and Civic Center) to obtain the marriage license.  Your minister, the person "solemnizing the ceremony" will ACCOMPANY YOU.  Original I.D.'s for both the bride and groom are required (no exceptions), along with proof that the person is incarcerated.

When you go to pick up your marriage license, follow these instructions:Bring $200 cash for your wedding Officiant.  Or, you can pay in advance - we accept payment by VISA, Mastercard, or Paypal.  Money order or cashiers check are fine, but not a personal check. Bring $64 to pay for your marriage license (the County Clerk accepts debit cards and checks)We will bring the notarized Inability to Appear form.  Before you go to pick up your marriage license, fill out the on-line application form for a CONFIDENTIAL MARRIAGE LICENSE on the County Clerk's web-site. Don't get a public license, because a witness will not be allowed to go with you on your prisoner visit. Meet your Officiant on the FRONT steps to the old court house.  The front of the court house faces Santa Ana Blvd. Go inside with your Officiant and if you haven't filled out the on-line application, stop at a computer kiosk and fill out the information.  You will need to know information about your fiancés parents (names, places of birth, etc.) and the dates of past divorces. It's a good idea to tell the clerk to leave the date of marriage blank, just in case the marriage happens on Saturday or Sunday, instead of on Friday.  Plans can and do get messed up! After you receive your license, you and your Officiant will drive to the jail and get in line to visit the prisoner, where you will wait to visit the prisoner.  It is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY that you tell the guard when you check in that you need a visiting booth where you can "pass papers".  Get the name of the guard who you told that you need to pass papers, and when it's your turn to visit the prisoner, double check that you will be assigned a booth where you can pass paper - and get the name of that guard as well.  The guards like to play games, and pretend like you and/or your Officiant didn't request to pass papers, so get their names so you can say, "Officer Hernandez out front said we would be able to pass papers. nce in the visitors booth, your Officiant will try to get your fiancés signature on the paper at the beginning, and will conduct a legal wedding ceremony, after which your Officiant will take the completed marriage certificate (we will get it to the county recorders office), and leave you to spend the rest of your visit time with your new spouse.

The ceremony MUST occur the same day, or within 24 hours of the issuance of the license, unless the ceremony is on the weekend.  (We drive straight from the County Recorder's office to the jail, on Friday, during regular visiting hours.)

The officiate must complete and return the marriage license within 3 days of the ceremony.


Jail Wedding




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